Check out time:  1 p.m
Quiet Hours : From 11p.m. to  7a.m.

It is forbidden to enter or leave the campground with ones vehicle during these hours. (Except for emergency)

It is forbidden to drive ones vehicle within the campground during these hours.
Speed Limit 8 KPH on all roads in campground Violators will be required to park their vehicles in the parking lot and walk to their campsite.

Please be advised that due to a significant number of issues over the past several season, dogs of visitors and/or daily campers will no longer have access to the campgrounds. We truely appoligize to those loyal customers who follow the campsites rules on animals but this was a step that management had no choice but to make. We hope that our daily customers will continue to appreciate the beauty of the campgrounds and return to visit us although their pets will no longer be permitted to enter.

No fishing and please do not feed the fish.

Fires can not exceed a height of 3 ft.

Parents or guardians will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.
Camping Fairmount is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or damages caused by nature.

Water is a precious commodity so please use it sparingly. Do not use a greater volume than is necessary. Do not water your trailer, car, grass, ect.

A fee of $20.00 will apply to those campers who do not clean the site before they leave.
(This includes removing ropes from the trees) Do not leave garbage in the fire pits.

***Management has the right to have all persons who are judged undesirable and/or who will not follow the above rules leave the premises without any obligation to refund the rent.***

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